XTECH-UPGRADE, the upgrades facilitator

We designed an innovative methodology to implement your upgrade projects and developed the tools needed to support it.
Based on a cumulative approach , it will allow you to capitalize on the stages performed.
It greatly simplifies the industrialization of your development, facilitates and enhances the quality of the validation.
It allows you to adopt the most efficient project organization.
The tool manages the technical part of the upgrade, allowing you to focus on the tasks with the most added value :

  • consistency of the new developments with the customer’s needs
  • adoption and validation of the new version by your client

Key concepts

  • Settings : They are created from a standard or vertical template.
    They automatically adapt to the client context using the association function.
    The objective is to define how additional tables are managed and to regroup them into flows.
  • Adaptation : This function is used to take into account and to manage any modification of the data model performed during the re-engineering project in the following synchronizations.
  • Synchronization : This is the data transfer function used to collect data in the live environment and to regularly update a dedicated folder, called synchronization folder and created during the initial upgrade.
    It is divided into two distinct steps :
    • Extraction, executed in the live environment
    • Integration, performed in the new version where the synchronization plan and the adaptations which convert the data to the target version format are executed.
  • Fusion : This function links developments and settings done in the re-engineering folder with data coming from the synchronization folder, thus automatically creating on demand
    • validation folders
    • the live folder in the target version

Supported Versions

XTECH-UPGRADE supports upgrades starting from SAGE X3 V5 up to the latest available version.
All X3 standard system and DB configurations are supported.
Minimum patch level required : P10 in V5, P21 in V6, standard Sage prerequisites for the other versions.

Product assets

  • Automatic settings creation according to the chosen strategy.
  • Direct Synchronization starting from V5 without working with an intermediate version.
  • Database change management.
  • Replacement of the initial upgrade by the “Full Synchronization” offering recovery points
  • Reliability of the operations: All the operations can be re-executed. Numerous integrated controls avoiding oversights and highly reducing the risk of error.
  • Management of settings evolution during the project, analysis tools embedded in the product.
  • Integrated workflow notifying you of any event in real time.
  • Facilities : Automatic creation of validation environments
    • With the up-to-date development version and fresh data coming from the last synchronization
    • In a local or remote folder
  • Performance :
    • Use of native database tools.
    • Use parallelisation mechanisms.
  • Full management of the upgrade life cycle
    • Preparation
    • Initial upgrade
    • Synchronizations
    • Re-engineering project, adaptations
    • Fusion
    • Go Live