• You will be able to manage projects with :
    • Huge volume of data to upgrade.
    • Important set of vertical or specific developments to create or to adapt.
    Both operations that used to be complex and risky before XTECH-UPGRADE.
  • You will have a single extraction and full validation of the production folder.
  • You will no longer have to create a patch for your developments and settings and to insert it during all dry runs and during the Go Live step, avoiding therefore a substantial development and validation workload.
  • You will minimize downtime of the production environment.
  • You will secure the «Go Live » step that will become a normal phase, with no major risk, which will not require a long downtime.
  • You will be able to adopt an industrial project organization while specializing missions
    • A close-to-the-customer project team managing development and customer relationship
    • A technical team remotely managing via the tool all the technical aspects of the upgrade which require higher system and database skills
  • You will highly simplify the validation work and enhance the adoption of the new version by your customer
  • You will have a better visibility and control on your project

Comparison of Methodologies